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Welcome to PlayRight – the definitive independent guide to the UK online gambling scene, featuring in-depth reviews of licensed casino, betting and bingo sites.

Our guiding principle in creating PlayRight was a simple one: To build the kind of site that we, as online gambling fans, would want to read. Actually, it’s a little more than that. We felt that there was a need for a site that players and punters could rely on to lead them towards a safe, enjoyable gambling experience. We also saw a gap for a site that covered casino, bingo and sports betting sites together, with many bingo players often going on later to look for casino sites and sports bettors looking for casinos, and even some bingo players going on to place sports bets!

This is an industry where most people are in the business of selling dreams. But the truth is that we’re not all destined to take down a life-changing progressive slot jackpot, bonus offers are very rarely “free money”, and not all gambling sites treat their customers in the way they deserve to be treated.

The PlayRight Promise

So, here we are, fighting the good fight. We promise to never hold back in expressing our (sometimes very) strong opinions, or in demanding more from particular operators, or even from the industry as a whole. We also promise to do our best to deliver consistent, accurate and – hopefully – entertaining writing on a subject that we all love.

One other thing: While our team of writers and researchers have many decades of combined experience in online gambling, we absolutely rely upon your input. We need you to share your experiences, both good and bad, especially bad, if we’re to achieve our goal of presenting a full, accurate and reliable guide to UK gambling. So feel free to shoot the breeze in the comments below our brand reviews.

Our Business Model

We want to deliver the best writing, the deepest and most thorough reviews, and the most useful beginners and academy guides. But in order to maintain the quality of service that we aspire to provide, this site like all publishers needs to have a way of generating funds. 

To that end, we use the affiliate compensation model. That means that we receive a fee from the brands featured on PlayRight whenever one of our users decides to sign up and start playing or betting on their site.

This business model is commonly used by all kinds of sites across a range of industry sectors, but we understand that it can lead to accusations of “praise for pay” Our best answer to that is, take a look at our reviews and guides. We highlight the positives and negatives of every brand we write about. None of our brand reviews are flawless and we know that some brands are better for different types of casino, bingo or sports bettors which we endeavour to highlight.

Moreover the benefit of the affiliate model is that we can see from our relationships with our partners when players are having trouble signing up, depositing, withdrawing funds. And we can see when players are active on sites be it playing casino or bingo games or making bets. From this data we can see how player-friendly our partner is.

One thing Playright will never do is promote a site we don't trust or where the player feedback has been overwhelmingly negative. Indeed we have turned down bettor compensation from non-regulated gaming sites.

We know that you’ll only visit PlayRight as long as you know that you can trust our point of view, and we will do everything in our power to retain your trust.

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