December 24, 2023
Octoplay Has Announced a Partnership With Paddy Power and Betfair

Swedish gaming and slot studio Octoplay has announced a partnership with Flutter Entertainment-owned brands Paddy Power and Betfair.

November 06, 2022
Strangest Bets at the 2022 World Cup

Anything can happen at the World Cup. Remember Germany silencing the Estadio Mineirao by thumping Brazil 7-1 in 2014? Or what about Mwepu Ilunga bizarrely sprinting from the wall to boot away a free kick before Brazil could take it in 1974? Football is a mad game, which is why fans and bettors love it so much.

Sometimes that craziness and betting cross over perfectly, allowing you to place some strange bets. These can be an exciting way to spice up your world cup betting experience, providing peculiar factors to look out for when watching and enjoying World Cup games. While many of the strangest bets are yet to be launched, our team at Playright has found some of the weirdest bets you can place on the 2022 World Cup and listed them below.

November 06, 2022
Players to Watch at the 2022 World Cup

Football is a team sport that needs all 11 players on the pitch to contribute toward a victory. However, some star players are so talented that the fate of a game can rest on their performance. Ultimately, this makes it fascinating for fans and bettors to watch these games, with many unique betting opportunities available.

Read our guide for our picks of the top players at the 2022 World Cup in every position. You will also uncover the top tips on how to wager on these players’ performances at our top UK football betting sites.

November 06, 2022
Who Will Win the 2022 World Cup?

Everyone enjoys every stage of the World Cup, from the Group Stage shocks to the knockout stages’ tension. Yet, the final, and which team wins it, is the most important thing to many fans. It’s also one of the most exciting betting markets, especially when you place these bets early. Every game becomes more crucial to your team’s path to World Cup glory.

Check out our tips for teams to win the World Cup below, and visit our dedicated page for up-to-date coverage of the Qatar World Cup.

Casino 5 Min read
June 05, 2022
Best Online Casino Bonuses

Let’s be honest. Everyone loves the idea of getting something for free. Yet, in the wild world of online casinos, is anything truly ‘free’? Well, online casino bonuses come very close! While there is usually no such thing as a free lunch, some online casino welcome bonuses give you bonus money just for signing up, while others double your deposit with a huge bonus.

Casino 8 Min read
February 20, 2022
Casino Loyalty Programs Explained

All the best online casinos run casino loyalty programs, and its goal is simple: to reward existing players for their continued loyalty. In other words, loyalty programs are a casino’s way of saying thank you for being a returning customer. They are an excellent opportunity for you to access a great range of perks and bonuses, including free spins, cashback rewards, and other VIP treats.

Casino 5 Min read
February 07, 2022
Chinese Gambling Games Guides

Gambling holds a prominent place in Asian culture and dates back to more than 2,000 years ago. Many classic casino games we know and love today originated from China and other Asian countries, including Chinese gambling games Baccarat, Sic Bo, Mahjong, and more.

Casino 6 Min read
January 31, 2022
The Best Gambling Books to Read in 2022

UK bettors take their gambling seriously and are always looking for ways to increase their chances of winning. Below we have chosen the best gambling books of 2022 to help you expand your knowledge and understanding of sports betting, poker, and casino gambling. The following gamblers book choices provide ways for you to boost your strategies, understand betting, and become an all-around better gambler.

Betting 4 Min read
January 18, 2022
Boxing Weight Classes Explained

Boxing is arguably one of the oldest and most brutal sports worldwide. While professional fights have been running for over a hundred years, the sport is still going strong today. Ultimately, people still love watching two fighters going at it and punching each other in the face. That’s a universal thing everyone can enjoy.