Casino Loyalty Programs Explained

All the best online casinos run casino loyalty programs, and its goal is simple: to reward existing players for their continued loyalty. In other words, loyalty programs are a casino’s way of saying thank you for being a returning customer. They are an excellent opportunity for you to access a great range of perks and bonuses, including free spins, cashback rewards, and other VIP treats.

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Feb 20 2022

However, no two casino loyalty programs are quite the same. So, which is the best one for you? What are the different perks available? Keep reading to learn more about how a casino rewards VIP players and discover the different options available! We also help you find the best casino loyalty programs around to benefit you every time you play.

What are Casino Loyalty Programs?

First thing’s first; what are casino loyalty programs? These are schemes whereby the casino rewards VIP players for their continued custom. They are essentially the operator’s way of encouraging player retention and providing bettors with a reason to keep spending on the site.

You need to regularly deposit and wager at the site to gain real benefit from casino loyalty programs. The setup is simple: the more you play, the more you are rewarded. However, the best casino VIP rewards programs will benefit all players regardless of their gambling budget.

If you want to discover some of the UK’s top loyalty programs, head to our list of recommended online casinos to register and claim great bonuses today!


How Do Casino Loyalty Programs Work?

Most casino loyalty programs work using loyalty points. All players can earn points by placing real money wagers on any casino game. Some games will accrue loyalty points quicker than others, and the rate at which these points are earned varies between sites.

All players can then exchange these points for rewards. Again, there is a considerable disparity between the different types of rewards available. Some casinos reward VIP players with exclusive prizes and bonuses, whereas others follow a more straightforward cashback scheme. We cover the different kinds of casino loyalty programs further down this page. But the basic premise is always the same; spend money, earn points, and exchange these for rewards.


Are Casino Loyalty Programs the Same as Other Casino Bonuses?

Many players get confused between casino loyalty programs and other casino bonuses. There are some similarities between the two. Both loyalty programs and bonuses reward players at the end of the day, and you’ll walk away with some kind of benefit from both. However, they are separate things.

Here are just a few of the differences between casino rewards VIP programs and other site promotions:

  • Casino loyalty programs are in place to reward existing customers. On the other hand, new players can claim casino welcome bonuses, while loyalty rewards won’t be available until they have played on the site for a while.
  • Casino bonuses are available for all players. As long as they meet the qualifying requirements, there is no restriction on who can claim the promotions (other than welcome bonuses, which are for new players only). Comparatively, casino loyalty programs provide exclusive offers that you can only claim if you have earned enough loyalty points.
  • Many casino loyalty programs give players a choice of rewards to choose from. For example, you might exchange loyalty points for cash prizes, cashback rewards, or exclusive bonuses. On the other hand, casino bonuses are fixed. You can choose whether to claim them or not, but you cannot select what promotions are available.
  • Casino loyalty programs are designed to suit all types of players. Sure, bigger spenders will receive more back, but it is all relative to the amount you put in. On the other hand, casino bonuses often require you to deposit large amounts to gain anything worthwhile. Ultimately, this makes casino rewards VIP schemes preferable, especially for low to mid-rollers.


Types of Loyalty Programs

No two casino loyalty programs are the same! Every online casino site will reward its customers differently. Below are some of the different types of casino rewards VIP programs you will find at the best UK casinos:

  • Loyalty Points Program: These are tiered casino loyalty programs. The points you earn as you play determine the tier in which you sit. The higher your position, the bigger and better perks available. Examples include exclusive bonuses, special prizes, account managers, and more.
  • VIP Scheme: VIP schemes are similar to loyalty points programs. However, the upper level of these casino loyalty programs is by invitation only. These are meant to appeal more to high rollers who receive a whole host of additional benefits for spending a lot.
  • Cashback Rewards: Cashback rewards are one of the most straightforward casino rewards VIP programs. Rather than earning points, you make a percentage of the money you spend back. You can then essentially use these funds as free money on the site.
  • Players Clubs: Players clubs is another word for a loyalty points program. The two terms are used interchangeably to mean the same thing. You earn points that determine your tier, and the higher the tier, the bigger the rewards.
  • Casino Races: Casino races are an exciting casino loyalty program option. You need to opt into these events then play your favourite casino games head-to-head against other players. The players that end up highest on the leader board will win cash prizes.
  • Missions: Missions are where the online casino will give you tasks to complete, such as wagering a certain amount or playing a particular slot game. Once this mission is complete, the casino will provide you with a reward. These are often awarded weekly for continual boosts!


Perks of Loyalty Programs

Casino loyalty programs are in place to reward players, meaning they come with a vast range of perks designed to boost your bankroll and take your online gambling experience to the next level! The particular perks and bonuses up for grabs will depend on the specifics of each casino rewards VIP program, but below are just some of the things you can look forward to:

  • Exclusive deposit match bonuses,
  • Free spins and other casino bonuses,
  • Cashback rewards,
  • Faster withdrawals for VIP members,
  • Additional free bonus funds,
  • Free entry into prize pools,
  • Access into exclusive competitions,
  • Increased deposit and withdrawal limits,
  • Dedicated online account managers,
  • Free prizes and cash rewards,
  • Holidays and getaways,
  • Tickets to sporting events,
  • Discounted stays in the land-based casino,
  • Special birthday and anniversary bonus offers,
  • No deposit and withdrawal fees,
  • Early previews to new casino games,
  • Surprise gifts each month or week.


Where to Find the Best Casino Loyalty Programs

We often get asked which is the best casino loyalty program. And thankfully, we know the answer! We have a team of experts that thoroughly review all casino loyalty programs available at the top UK casinos. Our experts look into all the T&Cs and the overall generosity of the scheme to bring you only the best. Some of our current favourite casino loyalty programs include Paddy Power’s “Paddy’s Rewards Club”.

The former offers players weekly rewards, including a £10 free bet and an odds boost on one of your bets. Paddy Power gives players three ways to qualify for their weekly casino loyalty program, so it suits all types of players.

These and all other top casino rewards VIP schemes are highlighted on this page, so why not choose one and start earning loyalty points today? If you’re torn between two, here are some things you should consider to make you’re selecting the best casino loyalty program for you:

  • User Activity: If you are a very active player, a VIP scheme will probably be the most rewarding casino loyalty program you can choose. You will easily climb through the tiers to claim the biggest and best prizes. On the other hand, more casual players are better off opting for something like a cashback scheme to receive benefits no matter how little or infrequently they play.
  • Perks Available: Some casino loyalty programs offer a whole host of different bonuses and benefits, whereas others stick to a specific type. If you know you’re not interested in cashback, a cashback scheme obviously isn’t for you. Similarly, if you only want to win cash prizes, don’t choose a casino rewards VIP scheme that focuses mainly on account perks and bonuses.



Choosing a reputable casino with a good casino loyalty program is a must! They are an incredible way to earn extra site credit and boost your bankroll every day, week, or month. Many also improve aspects of the site as well. They might remove payment limits, take away transaction fees, and give you access to exclusive content and account managers. Ultimately, this truly takes your online gaming experience to the next level.

In the UK, there are many casino loyalty programs to choose between. Never enroll in a scheme before you’ve read all the terms and conditions. For the most lucrative programs that our expert team has already vetted, choose one of the sites on this list. Trust us; you won’t be disappointed!

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Feb 20 2022