Recommended Sites

How We Rate Our Slots Sites

We only recommend slots sites that meet our strict benchmark criteria. Whether that’s because of the sheer number of games they carry, because they offer a wide range of slot game varieties, they have the most up-to-date games from the leading developers, or simply because they offer good bonus contributions on slots games, we review each slot site in-depth so you’re not forced to learn from your mistakes.

Wide Range of Games

The bigger the selection, the better. Access to slots sites with a wide variety of slot games and variations means there’s more for you to play, so you won’t get bored with what’s on offer. Bonus marks go to sites that make it easy for you to navigate their collection by filtering for jackpot type, number of paylines and other criteria. 

Up-to-date Game Catalogue

The big game developers like Microgaming casino and NetEnt Casinos are releasing new slots games all the time. We look for casinos that regularly update their games with the latest releases, so you can enjoy a relevant, up-to-date range of different slots.

Good Bonus Contributions

When you’ve accepted a bonus, meeting the playthrough requirements is essential to getting your hands on your winnings. We choose sites that offer a fair bonus contribution from slots play, which often accounts for 100% of your playthrough requirements, so you get the best deal on your bonus.

Trustworthy, Safe Slots Sites

Above all, the sites we recommend must be trustworthy and safe for players, offering an honest, level playing field. You can never be too careful when dealing with online casinos. After all, you’re relying on them to take good care of your money and pay your full winnings in a timely manner. We always make sure that any site earns our trust first before we share it with you (read this to see what others think about our ranking).

Types of Online Slots

With slots by the far the no1 game of choice at online casinos, operators are expanding their horizons to include a wider range of games. There are a number of different types of online slots you’ll encounter, each with their own unique elements.

Three-Reel Slots 

Slots games that are set across 3 reels. Generally, you’re aiming to line up three matching symbols across the reels, with fewer possible paylines making for a simpler game. Ideal for quick spinning and fast wins

Five-Reel Slots

Slots games set across 5 reels are among the most common you’ll find. There may be anything from fewer than a dozen to several hundred paylines in play, depending on the game itself and the size of your bet with each spin. Most progressive slots are 5-reel slots, as with the majority of the big-name video slots games from developers like Microgaming and NetEnt. Playright feature reviews of some of the most popular video slots including Game of ThronesStarburstGonzo’s Quest, Spartacus, and Rainbow Riches.

Progressive Slots

These are the big guns of the slots world. Progressive slots combine jackpots over multiple different players and different sessions, with each spin contributing to a centralised jackpot. This allows progressive slots to offer jackpots running into the millions – prizes that anyone could win on a single spin. One of the biggest progressive slots is Mega Moolah operated by Microgaming which has jackpots often running at over $6,000,000

Mega Slots

Mega slots games are often even bigger than standard progressive slots, sometimes with several progressive prize funds building up at the same time. That’s a recipe for more opportunities to win and bigger prizes when you do strike it lucky.

Fruit Machines

More akin to the fruit machine you’ll find in the corner of your local bar, AWP-style slots channel the origins of physical slot machines into the world of online slots. A great option for the traditionalists, or for those who know what it takes to win on an old-style fruity.

5 Tips for Playing Slots

  1. Always Bet Maximum Coin Size: Betting with the maximum coin size can give you an advantage in some instances, increasing the likelihood of your next spin winning the jackpot. It’s also the best way to be sure you’re maximising your winnings from every paying spin.
  2. Play Within Your Bankroll: Don’t get too carried away, particularly with common features like ‘auto spin’. Set your limit within your bankroll and stick to it. If you win, great. If not, at least you’ve not bet with money you can’t afford to lose.
  3. Beware of ‘Gamble’ Features: Some slots games offer up the chance to gamble on a “double or nothing”, or sometimes even “4x or nothing” basis on each winning spin. We typically don’t recommend you use the Gamble feature. Just bank your win from the spin instead, especially if you’ve won a decent amount. It’s simply not worth the additional risk.
  4. Check and Compare RTP Percentages: Different slots games are set at different RTP percentages, determining the percentage of all takings paid out to players. So a game with an RTP of 97% is significantly better value for money than a game with an RTP of 87%, meaning you’ll win more money, more often with the higher RTP game. Almost every decent online casino publishes this data, which is determined by the independent agency, eCogra. See our best payout casinos guide for more details.
  5. Use Free Spins To Trial New Games: When you’re offered free spins, use them to try out new games without risking your bankroll before you start playing for money. If you don’t have any free spins for a particular game, playing in demo mode is a good analogue, still giving you the freedom to learn the ropes before you put any of your own money on the line.

Where and How to Play Slots Online for Fun

Of course, not everyone wants to play online slots for real money – some prefer to play online slots for fun, or to try out new games risk-free before deciding to put their money at stake. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can enjoy the same high quality real money slots games from the leading game developers without risking any actual money.

Free Spins Bonuses

Free spin bonuses are our favourite way of playing slots for fun. Here, you get the best of both worlds – there’s no risk to you, but all the upside. Anything you win from these free spins is yours to keep, subject to the usual wagering requirements and other conditions. Free spins will usually be limited to certain games and aren’t always available, but when you do come across a recommended free spins bonus it can be a great way to play with no risk and the potential for some cash reward.

Free Play and Demo Games

If you’re looking to play for fun and you don’t have free spins at your disposal, you can still enjoy slot games in free play mode, or in demo mode. Most casinos that offer online slots offer both real and free play modes for you to choose from. At most, you might have to open an account (but not deposit any money). While you won’t win anything other than some virtual money with a free play slot, you certainly won’t lose anything either. This is the ideal way to try out new games, or to test out different features before deciding you want to play for real prizes and put your money on the line.


Online slots are simple to play - set your per spin bet amount, and you’re good to get started. You’ll win money for matching combinations of symbols falling onto the reels, in much the same way as a standard pub fruit machine - except with online slots, there are more reels, more symbols and many more ways to win!

Some games will also have a larger jackpot prize, as well as multiple in-built bonus rounds that present other opportunities for winning money as you spin.
Online slots at legitimate, regulated casinos are most definitely not rigged. It is true that games payout at a certain level, for example 95% - known as the return to player percentage, or RTP. This is fixed at a certain level so that games don’t tend to run at a loss over the long-term - however, this does not mean you are guaranteed to lose, or that it is fixed against you.

It’s still perfectly possible to win big and life-changing amounts of money playing online slots - even if these games are geared up to pay out less than they take in over the long term.
Low variance slots tend to pay out on the most frequent basis, albeit at lower amounts. These are the kind of games that see you landing regular combination wins as you spin through your budget, even if the bigger wins come along a little less often than with some other games.

On the opposite side of the coin there’s higher variance games, which go through feasts and famines - one minute, you’re getting nothing for what feels like forever, the next it’s raining massive combination wins. These might pay out less often in frequency, but usually pay out in a higher amount when the wins do start falling for you. As a rule of thumb three reel and old school fruit machine slots will be low variance slots where as progressive linked jackpots are very much high (or very high) volatility slots. Video slots, which make up the bulk of slots in a casino's game library will be medium to high, but there are some low volatility/variance video games titles.
Although often used inter-changeably five-reel slots, as the name implies, always have a standard five reel construction. Combinations of matching symbols across these reels will payout a combination win in accordance with the symbol ranking and the number of matching symbols in your combination.

A video slot is any online slot machine, which includes those that have 3 reels, 6 reels, no reels and many of the various other configurations that developers have experimented with over the years. They are both fundamentally the same game, even if 5-reel denotes a more specific type of online slots game.
There’s no way of telling how frequently a progressive jackpot will pay out, as this is determined by random number generators and algorithms woven into each progressive slots game. Some games seem to pay out every couple of months, while others tend to go much longer spells without dropping.

While the chances of winning are small, something akin to winning a National Lottery jackpot, it can and has been done - progressive jackpots do regularly mint unsuspecting players as overnight millionaires, even if you’re not going to see them drop for you on a regular basis.