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Football Accumulator Betting – 2021 Full Guide

Popular UK Football Betting Types

Some of the common football bets include Match Betting which allows to use bonus and free bets that will get you started with a sportsbook. There is also Handicap Betting where each team is given an advantage or disadvantage to overcome on the score line.

Halftime/Fulltime Bets let you place wagers on the result of each half of the match. And Double Chance Bets allow you to bet on combinations of wins and draws. There are more popular bets such as Goal Scorer, Both Teams to Score (BTTS), Scorecast, Wincast and Over/Under Bets to name just a few.

Football Accumulator Bets in the UK

UK Sportsbooks offer a wide choice of exciting ways to bet on football action. But on any given football weekend, many UK football punters choose to wager their money using football accumulator bets. There are many reasons for accumulator bets, commonly referred to as ‘accas’, being so popular.

In this guide to accumulator betting, our experts at explain in detail what’s an accumulator bet. We also cover important things to know when placing this type of bet. In addition, you will find bet accumulator tips and strategies, UK sports betting sites that offer accas and where to claim the best bonuses that you can use to place your football accumulator bets.

What’s an Accumulator Bet

An accumulator bet is a series of multiple bets that are linked together into one single wager. Each single bet selection that you add to the acca is called a ‘leg’, whereas all legs must win in order for the accumulator bet to pay out.

As its name suggests, the payout from each winning bet segment will accumulate and become the stake for the next. So as long as you predict the right outcomes and your bets keep winning, your stake grows exponentially. However if you lose a single bet segment the whole bet loses.

The big advantage of accumulator bets is that you can leverage your stake without risking large amounts of your own money. In addition, you can potentially generate much higher winnings than you would if placing each bet on its own.

The drawback is that it takes only one losing bet to wipe out your entire stake. Although there are ways to mitigate losses with cover system bets and acca insurance, accumulator bets are still considered a high-risk, high-reward wager.

Still, there are a few bet accumulator tips that can help you manage your acca betting strategy. Following these guidelines will increase your chances of placing successful football accumulator bets and potentially raking some nice winnings.

What Makes Football Aaccumulator Bets So Popular

Accas are considered by many football fans and punters as one of the most exciting forms of betting. Beyond the potential for epic wins, football accumulator bets are a great way to cover an entire range of matches across different football teams, leagues, and even countries.

Football Markets Available for Betting in the UK

Football punters in the UK are spoiled for choice when it comes to the range of available football betting markets. In addition to the English Premier League, EFL Championship and local leagues, UK sportsbooks offer bets on world football leagues and competitions including Spanish La Liga, Italian Seria, German Bundesliga and many more. Leading UK sports betting operators like Mansion Bet and Ladbrokes even offer bets on the fast-growing American Major League of Soccer (MLS).

This means that if you are a fan of FC Barcelona that is playing against Real Madrid on a Saturday, but locally you support Manchester City who is playing against United at the Manchester Derby on the same day – you can place single bets on each of these, and many more matches as betting segments of the same acca.

Finding Your Bookie

Before placing your football accumulator bet, research our recommended betting sites and find the best one for you. If you have been a long-time customer of a high-street bookie like Ladbrokes or William Hill, you can place your accumulator bet through their website or mobile app, or visit one of their retail betting shops in person.

If you would like to use an online sportsbook for the first time, make sure you check the operators we recommend here on Also don’t forget to collect a generous welcome offer that is available if you sign through our site.

Mansion Bet offers new customers a welcome bonus of 100% up to £100. This means that they will double any deposit you make by up to £100 with bonus money credited to your account. Thus leaving you with £200 to spend on your football accumulator bets.

Placing Football Accumulator Bets

Creating an accumulator bet is easy. Once you chose your sports betting operator, open the bet slip and pick your individual bet segments. Then go to the Options section on your betting slip where you will find different choices for selecting your accumulator bet.

An acca can include a one-line bet, full cover, with/without singles, acca insurance and more. Once done building your football accumulator bet, confirm your bet slip and wait for the football matches to kick off.

Bet Accumulator Tips and Best Practices

Now that you know what’s an accumulator bet and how to create one, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and understand how to leverage your initially-modest stake into potentially huge winnings. The obvious way to earn money is of course to find a few teams that are favourite to win and wager on each of these as a bet section of the same acca.

But this is much easier said than done, otherwise all of us football punters would have been very rich. Still, there are a few basic bet accumulator tips that can go a long way towards helping you place winning accas.

Stay in Familiar Territory

One of the most important bet accumulator tips is to always stick to what you know. Although it may be tempting to strengthen your acca with bets on different games and leagues from around the world, it’s always best to stick with the teams and competitions you are familiar with. Remember that one loss will cost you the entire accumulator bet.

Avoid Complicated Bets

There are many moving parts in every acca. Whereas one losing betting segment will wipe out your entire stake. Remember that you are still just learning what’s an accumulator bet. So it’s best to stay away from exotic and complex bets. At initial stages at least, stick to classics like ‘outright winner’, ‘both teams to score’ etc.

Avoid Extreme Bets

Think of building football accumulator bets as a delicate balancing act. Therefore you are risking toppling that gentle balance if you add to your acca either huge favourites or struggling underdogs. Usually the odds given for obvious favourites will not boost your payout by much. And it will take only one underdog to lose and erase your entire stake. So it’s best to avoid extremes and steer clear from both low and high-risk bets.

Be Ready to Cash Out Early

Another important bet accumulator tip is to keep a close eye on every match. If things aren’t going well for one of your chosen teams and it is likely to lose, be ready to use the early cash-out clause that is offered by Ladbrokes, William Hill and many other UK bookies. Although you won’t win as much as planned, it will save you from losing your entire acca.

Don’t Bet on Early Kick-offs

Many football punters love to bet on the early kick-off games in order to get an early start on the action. They like to have a stake on the first televised game of the matchday. Which can be nice with a single bet at risk. But in the case of football accumulator bets an early loss will eradicate your entire stake. This, before most of the games in your area even kicked off.

Beware of Small Bets

Human nature makes us want to minimise risk and reap as much reward as possible. When it comes to football accumulator bets, this logic isn’t as clear cut. If you will try to diversify your risk by placing many smaller individual bets, you are actually exposing yourself to higher risk. This, given that every bet segment you add can potentially be the loss that will burn down your entire acca.

So our final football accumulator tip is to always stick to a limited number of single bet segments. This, whilst still wagering on each a reasonable stake that will potentially yield a nice payout.

Final Thoughts on Football Accumulator Bets

Beyond the excitement of having a stake in many matches at once, Football accumulator bets are a great way to potentially earn huge wins that are far larger than the winning sum of the individual bet segments.

However as one losing bet can bring down in flames the entire acca, it is not the type of bet that is suitable for risk-averse punters. Also given it requires some knowledge of football and the teams at stake, Football accumulator betting is not always the best choice for casual punters who just want to bet a few pounds on a single match.

Still, the thrill of having a leg in so many matches at once, and the potential huge payouts make football accumulator bets one of the most popular forms of wagering in the UK. Now that you know what’s an accumulator bet, why not sign up to one of our recommended betting sites and try it yourself? And while at it, don’t forget to claim a great bonus!