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Guide to Cricket Betting: Best Sites, Lines & Tips

From county test matches in the UK, to one-day and T20 internationals in India, Australia and beyond, cricket is now as varied as it is popular.

In fact, with the average event drawing around 100,000 spectators and a few million more watching on TV, it is little wonder that cricket betting is now more popular than ever. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a guide to the best cricket betting sites – enabling you to determine and choose the right cricket betting site for your particular need

Best for Odds and Markets

In addition to outrights, you’ll find a range of other markets quoted across our recommended bookmakers. The breadth of markets, and the odds on offer, do vary between bookmakers, and it’s often worth your while to compare a couple of different options.

For example, it’s possible to bet on the direction of the first boundary – Betfair offered 11/10 on a leg-side boundary for Kolkata Knight Riders v Royal Challengers Bangalore. Or you can bet on the top wicket taker, with BetBright offering 7/2 on Keemo Paul or 10/3 on Kesrick Williams for the 20/20 international between Pakistan and West Indies.

Betfair is generally the bookie of choice for test betting, and you’ll find the widest selection of markets available here, all at competitive odds. Then of course there’s the betting exchange, where there are a number of opportunities for arbitrage and better value bets. For 20/20 cricket, it’s worth checking out Paddy Power (which offers strong in-play betting), or Betway, which tends to have the biggest range of betting markets for cricket events.

Best for Live Betting

Of the bookmakers we recommend, Betway stands proud as one your best options for live betting. At the time of writing, Betway were quoting a range of in-play markets for the New Zealand v England international test match – on day 4 of session 1, it was possible to choose from markets as diverse as England 71st Over 1st Ball Runs 2nd Innings – quite a specific market, with opportunities for some strong value bets. Over 0.5 was available for 13/8, while under came in at 4/11.

Another option at Betway was England Method of 4th Dismissal – with keeper catch coming in at a decent 9/4.

Best for Live Streaming

Since the advent of the 20/20 format, live streaming has become increasingly feasible for cricket fans, with faster-paced action and quicker gameplay over the course of a single day.

However, cricket live streaming still remains largely under served by the bookies, and you’ll be hard pressed to find bookmakers offering any live streaming of cricket events. This is definitely something that will improve in future, but for the time being, your options here are somewhat limited.

Of the major bookmakers, you’re left with Betfair as the only operator who actually offers any decent live streaming for cricket action. As well as competitive odds and a great selection of markets, including in-play, this is another good reason to choose Betfair over the competition for your cricket betting.

Best for Promotions

Cricket-specific promotions tend to be geared around major events, like the ICC World T20 and The Ashes. These commonly include enhanced odds, or stake-returned bets on certain conditions.

You won’t find too many cricket betting specials otherwise, but you can still take advantage of free bets and welcome promotions for betting on cricket, as with any other sport. BetBright offers 100% up to £100, which can be used for betting on upcoming test matches, or there’s Betway, which provides up to £30 in free bets, plus a free £10 weekly in qualifying circumstances.

ACCAs are another option, although it’s worth pricing up your line across several of our recommended bookies, as the odds do vary between bookmakers, matches and markets. It’s possible to find pre-priced ACCAs and special bets at Sky Bet, including RequestABet lines, which can often offer strong odds on unusual requested or even custom lines.

Betfair and Paddy Power tend to be amongst the best, in terms of cricket ACCA odds, although Betway continues to support the largest number of cricket markets

Types of Cricket Bets

The leading cricket gambling sites will offer both outright and live odds. Although not as extensive as other sports, our partners will let you take a punt on the following, and more:

Bet Type Description
Match/Series WinnerThe most straightforward bet in cricket. Decide who you think will win the match, or series of matches (such as The Ashes) and place your bet.
Outright Tournament WinnerSimilar to a match or series bet, but here you’re betting on which side will lift the trophy in tournaments like the Indian Premier League.
No of Fours/Sixes to be scoredIn this bet you’re not backing one team over the other, but betting on your prediction of the total number of fours/sixes to be scored in the match.
Leading run scorer/wicket takerA bet on the top batsman or top bowler in the match or series.
Player run total/under/overDelving a little deeper, you can place a bet on a particular player’s run total in a match. The ‘Over 50’ bet is a particularly common market.
Centuries – yes/no/totalsA bet on whether or not a century (100 runs scored by a single batsman) will be scored, or the total number of centuries scored in a match.
Opening Partnership BetThis is a head-to-head bet, where you bet on which of the teams’ opening partnerships (the first two batsmen to take the field) will score more runs.

Test vs 20/20

The differences between test cricket and 20/20 cricket mean there are differences in the available betting lines. For example, it’s impossible to bet on a draw in 20/20, because the result is only dependent on the total number of runs. Similarly, there’s only one innings of 20 overs in 20/20 cricket, versus two innings in test cricket.

While 20/20 is becoming an increasingly popular format, amongst both fans and punters alike, it is still maturing as a betting market. The ICC World Twenty20 is seeing increasing action over successive tournaments, and continues to grow in importance as a betting event for bookmakers.

International tests, and in particular the Ashes, remain the biggest betting events in cricket for major bookmakers. In the UK alone, there is as much as £15 million bet and growing on the Ashes, while internationally (and particularly in India), volumes are significantly greater.

Betting Exchange

Betting exchanges, like Betfair, can be incredibly useful in cricket betting – particularly in securing arbitrage opportunities, and locking in guaranteed wins when the odds of your bet begin to shorten. Say for example you’re backing Mumbai Indians to win the IPL at 4/1, and they go on to look increasingly likely to win.

At this stage, it’s also possible to lay Mumbai Indians at shortening odds, for example 2/1. On this basis, a bet of £100 on Mumbai Indians to win the IPL (returning £400) coupled with a lay  of £200 at 2/1 (returning £400) locks in a guaranteed win of £100 – regardless of the outcome.

If Mumbai Indians win as forecast, you’re on for £400 – £100 bet – £200 lay = £100. If they fall short, you pick up a £400 win on your lay, for the combined £300 stake.

There are plenty of other examples of this type of opportunity in cricket via betting exchanges, not to mention a whole host of other benefits for serious gamblers over betting through a bookmaker directly.

Cricket Betting Tips

  • Think About the Format. Much like Andy Murray is a master on grass but not so good on clay, cricket teams prefer to play in certain formats. If a team is full of fast-aggressive players, one-day internationals will be their forte. In contrast, leading test match teams often have more tactical awareness and the ability to change gears. So, before you bet, consider the format.
  • Use the Breaks. Test cricket will feature extended breaks. Use this time to analyse what you’ve seen and use it to refine your bets. Unlike sports such as football where the break lasts for 15, cricket matches can last for days. This means you’ll have plenty of time to analyse the action and put in those in-play bets.
  • Conditions and Weather. The weather is notorious for disrupting cricket matches, so pay attention to the forecasts before you ante-up. specific teams excel in certain types of weather, if England are playing in overcast conditions conditions then it’d be a wise move to put an over-under bet on one their premier swing bowlers Anderson or Broad.
  • Manage Your Money. Spending more than you can afford is the number-one mistake in sports betting. To ensure you’re able to overcome bad luck and let your analytical skills shine through, don’t ever risk more than 2% of your bankroll on a single bet.
  • Study the Stats. Like all sports, numbers matter in cricket. From previous results, runs scored, wickets taken and batting percentages, cricket is packed with stats and you should be ready to consume them all if you want to improve your predictions.

Top Cricket Events and Players

From pre-event outrights and in-play score line bets, our selection of top cricket betting sites will give you plenty of ways to ante-up on the following events and more from as little as £0.10.

Major Cricket Events

In addition to keeping an eye on the top international events, your cricket betting journey should also include a look at the top players. Although names will certainly come and go, the following few are some of the best cricket bets today.

  • Steve Smith – Batsman – Australia
  • Virat Kohli – Batsman – India
  • Joe Root – Batsman – England
  • Ravichandran Ashwin – Bowler – India
  • Mitchell Starc – Bowler – Australia
  • James Anderson – Bowler – England

If you’re a cricket-loving punter, keep a regular eye on our cricket betting site ranking table for our latest recommendations for licensed, fair and player-friendly bookmakers.


You can bet on cricket straight from your mobile, or from any tablet or desktop device. The first thing you’ll need is a betting account - choose from our recommended sports betting sites for cricket. Next, you’ll need a method for deposit and withdrawal, like a debit card or an e-wallet such as Skrill or Neteller.

Once you’ve funded your new account, all you need to do is pick your betting selection, set your stake and confirm. The whole process takes a matter of seconds.
In-play is available in cricket betting, and there are plenty of specific in-play bets you can take advantage of.

‘Next wicket method’, for example, or ‘next man out’ give you specific bets you can place while the action is unfolding, with early cash-out also available where supported by the bookmaker.
There’s no problem betting on cricket online - it’s entirely legal, and the bookmakers we recommend are all legitimate corporate operators licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Of course, you do need to be 18 to bet on sports online, but providing you’re old enough, you’re free to bet legally online in the UK.
While some sites offer sports-specific free bets, most sites allow you to apply your free bet to any qualifying sport or event. This means in most cases, you’ll have no issues using a free bet on cricket, even if the bet isn’t specifically tied to a cricket promo.

Just choose the match you want to bet on, pick your betting market and odds, and apply your free bet credit in the usual way. Just make sure that the your betting market meets the free bets promotion qualifying term e.g its minimum odds
This depends on whether the bookmaker offers cash-out at all (most of our recommended sites do), and then whether cricket matches are available for early settlement.

Look for the cash-out symbol, or some other notification that a match is eligible for cash-out before betting. This one varies bookmaker to bookmaker and sometimes event to event, but will usually be clearly indicated so you know what to expect.