Apple Pay for UK Online Casinos 2021

Apple Pay by Apple Inc. is one of the pioneering services in that domain when it comes to cashless payments. Apple Pay is not only easy to use, but it also makes the experience streamlined for Apple users. Apple Pay by Apple Inc. is one of the pioneering services in that domain when it comes to cashless payments. Apple Pay is not only easy to use, but it also makes the experience streamlined for Apple users.

Ziv Chen
May 04 2021

Some of the terrific benefits of Apple Pay include a 2% cashback for all customers when they use their Apple Card with Apple Pay. The payment service offers extra protection when it comes to transactions as you do not have to share banking details at casinos when gambling online in the UK.

Furthermore, Apple Pay does not make use of your bank card number. There is no question of your financial details being saved on the Apple server as a result. You can pay other people, deposit money at the online casino or sportsbook, or transfer money and maintain your e-wallet on your Apple device with Apple Pay. It is also one of the widely available payment methods at online casinos worldwide, especially in the UK. Make secure, easy and cashless payments from your iPhone, iPad, Macbook, or Apple Watch to play at your favourite online casino and sportsbook today.

How to Make a Deposit or Withdrawal with Apple Pay at an Online Casino

Deposits and withdrawals at an online casino with Apple Pay are fast and involve minimum hassle. There are no additional tools required for payments via Apple Pay apart from the device on which the application is installed. Follow the steps below to start making payments with Apple Pay:

  • Use your debit or credit card to register and fund your Apple Pay account.
  • Input all the necessary details on the Apple Pay device. Alternatively, you can use the iSight camera to enter information.
  • Go through the quick setup process to verify your account.
  • At the online casino’s deposit page, select Apple Pay as your preferred payment option.
  • Follow the simple steps to complete your deposit.
  • Check your casino balance to make sure the deposit was complete.

Using Apple Pay on Mobile Online Gambling Sites

Apple Pay is exceptionally efficient to use on mobile gambling websites. As Apple developed Apple Pay, it doesn’t only reach the standard of mobile usability but also sets that standard and provides a whole new mobile user experience. You use the set of dedicated tools on your iOS device to make seamless payments to your mobile online gambling casino or sportsbook of choice.

Apple Pay Pros and Cons for Use at Online Casinos

Apple Pay Pros:

  • The transactions are lightning-fast.
  • No additional fee is required for the transactions.
  • Apple Pay is compatible with credit cards as well as debit cards.
  • The application has an additional touch ID to keep e-money away from others’ reach.
  • The financial data is not shared with the servers.

The cons of Apple Pay are:

  • Apple Pay works only on iOS devices.
  • There are no withdrawals with Apple Pay.
  • Most online casinos have only begun accepting Apple Pay.

Alternatives to Apple Pay for Using at an Online Casino

The alternatives to Apple Pay are Google Pay, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Pay by Phone methods. Bank transfers are also another option. However, players should be mindful while choosing the payment method after reading the Terms & Conditions that usually come with each.


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Written by: Ziv Chen
May 04 2021
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