What Are Enhanced Odds Offers?

Head over to any bookmaker, and you’ll be quoted the market odds for each betting market. In most cases, these reflect the relevant bias of the market’s prediction – so if you’re backing a heavy favourite, you won’t expect to get too much in return. By contrast, betting on long-shots is rewarded with longer odds, meaning a bigger payout if your betting line comes in.

Enhanced odds flips this on its head, offering surprisingly long promotional odds on much more likely bets. That’s why you see odds like 25-1 for Arsenal to beat Fulham, or 50-1 for Man City to beat Hoffenheim in the Champions League. These odds bear no relation to the market – they’re purely designed as a promotion, to encourage new players to sign up for an account or to give something back to more loyal punters.

These offers are usually capped to some extent, and promotional terms and conditions apply. But compared to other types of bonuses and promotions, they can be amongst the most lucrative options available.

Enhanced odds offers are usually found ahead of big upcoming fixtures, with the most active bookmakers picking one, two or more matches weekly to offer up for promotional odds. It works for the bookie, because it encourages new signups and drives betting activity – and for us punters, it’s a chance to win some money at unbelievable odds.

Different Types of Enhanced Odds

  • Price Promise: A guarantee that you won’t find better odds elsewhere on a fixture, or that the bookie will make up the odds to the best available. SkyBet offers this type of promotion for all Premier League and EFL matches.
  • Price Boost and Price Rush: Paddy Power sport and Sky Bet regularly offer these types of promotions, which take specific results in inflate the odds – like Lukaku to score and Man Utd to beat Southampton with enhanced odds from 4/1 to 8/1. One of the more common types of enhanced odds promos.
  • Boost Your Own Odds: Some bookmakers now make it possible to choose your own odds boost, quoting enhanced odds on betting lines you choose. These are often limited to specific markets and bet types, but can be a good way to get custom odds at a better, promotional rate.
  • Enhanced Place Terms: Pays a quarter of the odds for a place, paying out at a higher rate than you would otherwise get if your runner places. Good for betting on horses and getting maximum value from your bets.
  • Enhanced Odds Coupons: An enhanced odds offer based on a coupon, giving you promotional odds on your full line-up of matchday bets. Great for players betting a football coupon or accumulator, where the odds are long enough to begin with.
  • Enhanced Odds for New Customers: Promos that offer specifically enhanced odds for new customers only. These are the odds that are most commonly marketed by major sportsbooks, focusing on their desire to add more customers.
  • Enhanced Odds for Existing Customers: Similar to enhanced odds for new customers, but targeted specifically to those loyal existing customers, giving them a chance to win at more favourable, promotional terms.
  • Football Enhanced Odds: Enhanced odds offers that are available specifically for football. As one of the most common bases for enhanced odds promos, there’s no shortage of better-odds action to be had here – particularly around the Premier League and the Champions League, where some of the best price promos can be found.

Enhanced Odds T&Cs

Every promotion comes with specific terms and conditions, and enhanced odds promos are no different. These determine how you can take advantage of the promotional odds on offer, and will stipulate minimums, maximums and timeframes – the kind of essential small-print terms you really need to know before claiming one of these bonuses.

Minimum betting limits, for example, establish the baseline minimum bet to activate an enhanced odds offer. This might be £1, or it might be £10, depending on the offer, so it makes sense to look out for these. Likewise, maximum stake and winnings clauses – Betfair Sports enhanced odds promos typically have a £1 maximum stake, with winnings paid as free bets.

The terms and conditions also specify what happens in the event of a void result or a non-runner – those awkward situations where no one is quite sure how the bookie will call it. You’ll also find things like time limits, which set out the deadline for placing your bets under the enhanced odds promo.

Expiration clauses are another important T and C to look out for, once the time limit has passed the offer will be withdrawn with the odds returning to their standard price

While there are some terms and conditions that are common to most enhanced odds offers, there’s no substitute for doing your own research, and at least reading the offer small print before signing up – it’s the best and only way to make sure you’ve claimed the right enhanced odds offer for you.

Grab Your Enhanced Odds Today

Just after free bets, enhanced odds are one of the most common types of sports betting promos, giving you the chance to land a bonus win for backing what feels like a no-brainer. Of course, your result still needs to come in if you want to win from the promo. But with most bookies paying this back as free bets or credit to your account, it’s a good bonus for both new and existing customers alike.

Grab your enhanced odds today, and get an (almost) guaranteed for a ‘sure thing’ result. But be quick – odds this good don’t hang about for long!


Enhanced odds are available in the run-up to big sporting fixtures. You’ll find some available most weeks for Premier League fixtures, or for big events in the sporting calendar. They almost always expire before the event begins, so you’ll need to make sure you’re claiming and betting on the offer before it expires.
Enhanced odds promos are usually set out on the promotions page, posted on social media or sent out by email to betting customers. Of course, if you’re looking for a single place to find enhanced odds, look no further than our site, which sets out the best of the best in enhanced odds, welcome bonuses and other promotions.
‘Paid in free bets’ means that you are paid your enhanced odds winnings in free bets credit, which is then subject to the usual terms and conditions around free bets. This is a way for bookmakers to protect themselves against bonus abuse - by paying as free bets, it’s almost as good as money for punters, provided you can convert those free bets into withdrawable winnings.
Enhanced odds get tongues wagging, and are amongst one of the most popular ways sportsbooks can drive new customer accounts. These are offers that feel like they are too good to be true, so they will always appeal to that gambling instinct. While these might come at a cost to the bookie, they’re hoping that by attracting new customers, they can continue to thrive and grow. For players, enhanced odds bonuses just mean a chance to win some money at odds way better than would ordinarily be available.
Matched free bets are definitely less risky, because you get the bonus whether your bet wins or loses. With enhanced odds promos, you’ve still got to actually win your bet to get the bonus - although in reality, these promos are mostly deployed in games where there’s a heavy favourite.

In truth, both have their advantages, and it might even be better for players to choose enhanced odds over a matched bet offer, if it’s one or the other. As enhanced odds are sometimes available for existing customers too, there’s even the potential you can make both types of bonus work for you.
Football and horse racing are the two most popular ones, but you'll also find enhanced odds offered on the big sporting events especially blockbuster boxing and UFC fights as bookies attempt to reel in customers who normally wouldn't bet