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Request a Bet Explained

Request a Bet is already popular amongst betting customers, putting more control in the hands of the punter. The feature allows customers to build their own unique betting selections, and to request odds from the bookmaker on their custom bet – over and above the standard markets and odds quoted. Often, this can lead to better odds than those available as standard, with some good value betting opportunities available through this method. Plus, there’s the advantage of control here – you get to bet on exactly what you want and ‘build your bet’ accordingly, rather than conforming to the standard selections offered by the bookie.

Request a Bet is available across a number of different sports and markets, including football and horse racing, which are amongst the most commonly requested. It even extends to in-play bets in some instances, provided you’re quick enough off the mark to get your requested selection priced up. This is commonly used in conjunction with accumulator bets, but there’s enough flexibility to cover a range of different markets and betting lines.

How to Request a Bet

The process for requesting bets varies slightly from one bookmaker to the next. Some bookmakers offer specific request a bet options through their mobile apps – Betfred, for example, where their PickYourPunt tool lets you build bets in real time to get unique odds on your selection.

Others are primarily social media focused, like Coral’s #YourCall – you simply tweet your selection using #YourCall, and they’ll tweet you back with custom odds and a link to place your bet. In the case of Coral, #YourCall is available on Premier League, Championship, Champions League, La Liga and Serie A football matches, as well as NBA basketball.

These features let you get creative with the type and selection of lines to be included in your bet. Whether it’s through the mobile betting app, an online bet request tool, or directly tweeting the bookmaker for custom odds, it has never been easier to get a price on virtually any selection you can think of.

Request a Bet at Bet365

The Bet365 Bet Builder is a feature of the Bet365 website, where you can build bets on the fly to get custom odds. You can find Bet Builder by clicking into any event and choose the ‘Bet Builder’ option from the menu. Click ‘Add a Selection’, and you’ll be presented with a pop-up, where you can start to add lines to your custom bet.

Picking your custom selections is a breeze, with options ranging from Match Result, Both Teams To Score, Number of Goals Scored, to Corners, Goalscorers and more, in the case of requesting bets on football.

You can combine up to 6 selections in one custom bet, allowing you to expand on the odds available from betting through standard bet selections. A couple of points of note here – Bet365 Bet Builder bets cannot be cashed out, and they must be placed before the action gets underway. In other words, there’s no in-play betting available through the Bet Builder facility.

Bet Builder is also available through the Bet365 app – just tap ‘Bet Builder’ at the top of any match selection to begin customising your bet.

Bet Builders make it easy to customise your selection
Bet building tools, such as the Bet365 Bet Builder, help you build your selections and get custom odds quickly, ideal for creating Acca in-play bets.

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How to Find Request a Bet on Sky Bet

Sky’s Request a Bet feature has been a massive hit with their customers, offering wide ranging flexibility to put together unique betting lines and combinations. You can request a bet on Twitter by simply tweeting @SkyBet your selection, with the hashtag #RequestABet – they’ll ping you back your odds, plus a link to directly place the bet. Alternatively, you can use the helpful tool on the Sky Bet website or app to construct your bets.

Note that with Sky Bet, your requested bets are forwarded on to the trading team, who calculate the odds and upload it directly to the Sky Bet website. This is a process that can take a bit of time, so always be sure to request your bet well in advance of the event starting.

Your bet will appear on Sky Bet’s Request A Bet page, alongside other requested betting selections and odds. From here, you can also choose to back the bets requested by others, which become publicly available bets once quoted by Sky Bet for the first time.

Request A Bet odds are available on the event page, so you’ll see these presented as available markets when you’re choosing your selections.

Through the app, it’s simple to request odds on any selection. Activate the ‘Request A Bet’ toggle bar, which should be switched to ‘On’ as you’re building your selection. Choose the components of your bet in the usual way, a click ‘Request Price’.

It’s as simple as that – you just build your selection in the usual way through the usual interface, but instead of placing the bet directly, you’re requesting a price from the trading team once you’ve got your selection in place.

Request Odds Tips


Requesting a bet often gives better odds than you would find from an accumulator of the same selection. If you’re thinking of an acca bet and you’ve got some collections in mind, it’s always worth requesting odds before plumping for the selection as publicly quoted. This can give you better odds on what is essentially the same bet – plus bet insurance, where available, safeguarding your stake against a single failed leg.

Also keep an eye out for promotional bets tied to request a bet features – commonly used by bookies trying to promote certain betting events, or to encourage punters to try their bet request facility.


Try requesting your odds as early in the day as possible. This is a good way to take advantage of discrepancies between different bookies, before markets have levelled out closer to the race start time. Feel free to request from a couple of different bookies, which allows you to pick the best of a selection – even if all odds quoted are better than you’d get from a standard bet of the same selections.

You might also want to think about checking out betting exchanges, where you can often find better odds on your custom selection without even touching request a bet.

Betting exchanges are a good alternative to request a bet
Rather than matching specific selections with the bookie, betting exchanges allow you to match your selections with other punters, often resulting in better odds for your selections.

Request a Bet Rules

Requested bets do sometimes differ in their rules and restrictions, so it’s worth reading these before taking on a custom selection. Rules like stake and payout limits and even wagering requirements in some instances will apply, and this varies by bookmaker as well as by market.

Where ‘insurance’ is available, bets will be voided in the event that one leg fails, and only lost when there are two failed legs to your bet. Voided bets are stake returned, so where insurance applies, it’s a good way to increase your chances of holding on to something if your bet falls short.

Request a bet odds are either calculated through bet builder tools where available, or remitted to the trading team (e.g. Sky Bet), where the odds are calculated and signed off manually. This means the process can take some time to put into effect, so you shouldn’t necessarily leave it to the last minute to request your custom bet.

This is also the case with bets requested on Twitter – once approved, you’ll be tweeted the odds and a betting link, which you can click directly to set up your custom bet at the odds specified.


Request a Bet insurance is a bet stipulation where your bet won’t fall on a single leg. If one selection falls, your bet is voided, rather than losing, your stake, so like the name suggests, it’s a type of bet that offers ‘insurance’ against one stray result. This is often available on promotional fixtures, providing an added incentive to take on a requested bet, particularly helpful for more complex selections. Note that even with insurance in place, you’ll need your bet to come in to win, and two lost legs means your bet is a loser.
At some bookies it’s possible to back bets requested by others. At Sky Bet for instance, requested selections are quoted on each individual event page, so any player can take advantage of the custom selections of others and the odds they’re quoted. Alternatively, if you see request a bet odds in someone else’s Twitter conversation, you could click the link and place the bet yourself, where available.
Yes, it’s completely free to request a bet. In fact, bookmakers encourage it, as a way of providing something extra to loyal customers. Sometimes you’ll also find that you’re offered a free bet when you request a bet and bet on the selection, within the terms and conditions of the promotion - keep an eye out on social media, or on your bookie’s promotions page for details of any promotions around bet request features.
This is not available at all online bookmakers. Traditionally, it was possible to ask over the counter at your local betting shop for a price on virtually any outcome. This is still possible in most cases today, although you are slightly more constrained when betting online or through mobile apps. Our comparison table of recommended request a bet bookies is your best starting point for those that do offer prices on request, including some of the biggest names in the business like Ladbrokes, Coral and Bet365.