Deal or No Deal On TV

Deal or No Deal burst onto screens back in 2005, and worked its way into the public consciousness with its characters, catchphrases, and often edge-of-the-seat entertainment.

The game sees 22 contestants randomly assigned a sealed red box, each containing a value of money from 1p up to £250,000. A player is then chosen at random, and invited to play the game with Noel, picking fellow contestants to open their boxes one by one.

As the boxes are opened and revealed, their values are removed from the game board. After every three picks, players receive a telephone call from a mysterious figure called ‘the Banker’. The Banker makes an offer to buy the player’s box and end the game now for a guaranteed, based on estimations of the numbers left on the board.

Players could then decide whether to Deal, accepting the Banker’s offer to end the game – or No Deal, to reject the banker’s offer, and play on in the hope of receiving a higher future offer from the banker. If players chose to ‘No Deal’ every offer, they would ultimately be left with the amount of money stored in their own box, which may be higher or lower than the offers they received from the banker during the game.

The format was wildly popular, and remains so to this day, filling countless hours of TV scheduling since its launch. No surprise then that it’s always wildly popular at online bingo sites, with a game that seeks to replicate the format as closely as possible, while still providing players with a unique bingo challenge.

About Deal or No Deal Bingo

Deal or No Deal in bingo form shares some similarities with the TV version. The game proceeds like any normal game of bingo, with prizes available for a line, two lines and a full house. However, 21 of the numbers are pinned to red boxes, with a 22nd box for the player. As these numbers are called during the game, they are opened and their prizes revealed.

Completing a line, two lines or full house in under 31 calls is your ticket to the progressive jackpot.

If you win, you get the chance to compete in a Deal or No Deal style game, where you’ll get a cash offer from the banker for your box – just like in the TV version. You can choose to Deal, and take the cash offer, or No Deal in the hope that you’ve got a bigger prize waiting in your box.

Deal or No Deal Bingo is available in 75 and 90 ball formats, and games usually run at an average of 128 players. Tickets generally range from 10p to 50p, so it’s an accessible, as well as fun, way to play your bingo online.

Gala Bingo and Sun Bingo are both good options for players who fancy taking on the Banker, and trying DOND bingo for themselves.

DOND Special Features and Bonuses

DOND Bingo allows for progressive jackpots, when you bingo in under 31 calls, or 42 calls in the case of 75 ball versions of the game. This means an instant win of 50% of the total jackpot, with all other players receiving a share of the balance.

It’s possible to find bonuses for Deal or No Deal Bingo. Paddy Power Bingo have a £15 bingo bonus, for example, bundled as part of a total £40 bonus when you deposit and spend £5 – the ideal way to try out DOND Bingo for yourself.

You’ll also find great DOND chat games, led by chat hosts who bring the fun. Think of them as the Noel Edmonds to your DOND experience! It’s all in the name of having a laugh, and the social side is often one of the best features about playing DOND bingo at these sites.

Deal or No Deal Bingo Apps

Sun Bingo offers access to Deal or No Deal Bingo through its apps, available for Android and iOS users. Similarly, the Paddy Power Bingo app offers Deal or No Deal Bingo play on the go.

Of course, you can also play in-browser at any of our recommended Deal or No Deal Bingo sites. While it’s not as convenient as playing through an app, each of the sites that run DOND Bingo are designed to be responsive anyway, and mobile play in browser is still an acceptable substitute.

Deal or No Deal Slots and Other Games

It’s not just bingo that gets the Deal or No Deal treatment. In fact, there are a number of other casino and gambling games, based on the TV show. There are Deal or No Deal slots, like Deal or No Deal The Banker’s Riches and its three progressive jackpots (check it out at Sky Vegas), or Deal or No Deal World with its 2500x jackpot.

Scratch cards have proved another popular way for players to gamble on DOND, where players scratch off amounts in order to get their offer from the Banker.

There’s even Deal or No Deal video poker. And if you know where to look, you’ll even find some real money pub quiz machines, based on the Deal or No Deal format.

It’s hard to overstate just how culturally significant Deal or No Deal was and remains, undoubtedly one of the most talked about TV game shows in UK history. Even today, well over a decade since it first aired, the show and its characters, catchphrases and gameplay still capture the imagination.

With the game so well loved, and so inherently fun to play, it’s unsurprising there are so many opportunities to bet on Deal or No Deal-themed games online.