Best New UK Sport Betting Sites

Online sports betting is on the up and up. Year-on-year growth is tracking at 14%, with some £12.6 billion in online gambling revenues reported in 2015. As more people switch from high street bookies to online betting, this has paved the way for a new generation of upstart challengers to enter the fray. Competing directly with the big names in the industry, these new sites represent a strong alternative for punters looking to get the best deal. In the table below we've ranked the best new betting sites based on our review team's in-depth tests.

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Why Bet With New Bookmakers?

There are plenty of good reasons to take a chance on a recently launched bookie, but it's important to be aware of the potential pitfalls. Forewarned is forearmed.

The Advantages

Enhanced Odds and Promotions. New bookmakers have a point to prove. They need to sign up customers to stay in business, and often don’t have the luxury of the bottomless marketing budgets afforded to the big name brands. This means they have to compete in other ways, like offering enhanced odds and better promotions than comparable sites. By playing with these new sites, you can often find better odds on your bets, as well as a range of juicy free sign-up offers to tempt you through the virtual doors. Betway’s free bet offer, for instance, maxes out at £100 – a much higher figure than is offered by most of the established bookies.

Latest Sportsbook Technologies. Newer sites, by definition, tend to be built using the latest software platforms and technologies. That means they have often been at the cutting edge of new developments in the industry, such as eSports. Whereas the more established players might need to migrate millions of gamblers to new platforms, industry upstarts can afford to have a more modern setup right out the box. As a result, betting with newer sites often means accessing the latest sports betting tech and innovations, for a more flexible, more enjoyable betting experience.

Trying Out New Names. There’s also something cool about trying out new bookmakers and new platforms, and getting in at the ground floor on what could become the next big thing. With newer sites, you’re playing ahead of the curve, so you get to experience their platform ahead of the mainstream. And who knows - with a bit of luck, you might even add a new favourite to your roster. Having access to a variety of bookmakers is key to intelligent betting, giving you the opportunity to compare odds and take advantage of event-specific offers.

The Downsides

No Established Reputation. Of course, for some gamblers, the lack of an established reputation is the thing that worries them about betting with new sites. We understand this entirely, and we’re always a little unsure ourselves when we go to review new platforms. However, with the help of our recommendations, you can cut through the noise to find out which of the newbies is worth your while, and which are best kept at arm's length.

Less Liquid Betting Markets. With some newer bookies, you’ll find less generous odds and a narrower selection of markets, purely because there are fewer other gamblers getting in on the action. Again, this is a concern we try to offset, by showing you the best promotions and enhanced odds offers we can find, so you can still grab a great deal - even if you’re playing with a smaller operator.

Fewer Payment Options. While new betting sites are getting set up, there’s sometimes a narrower selection of payment options supported, albeit usually only for a while, as they continue to establish relationships with new payment processors. This can be limiting for some players, but by checking out our reviews and payment method guides first, you can get a firmer idea of which sites accept your favoured payment methods.

Customer Support. Similar to payment options, choice of customer support options is one of the things that takes time for a new bookmaker to ramp up. You'll definitely find email/ticket support on a new site but phone and live chat may not be on offer.

Better Welcoming OffersNo Established Reputation
Latest TechnologiesLess Liquid Betting Markets
Just Trying a New NameFewer Payment and Support Options

How We Choose New Betting Sites

Our aim is to demystify the world of online betting sites, to help you sort the men from the boys. We don’t recommend any site we wouldn’t use ourselves, and all of our recommendations have scored favourably against our key criteria. We look for sites that are legitimate and trustworthy, with a wide range of betting markets and competitive odds. But we also care about things like customer service and ease of deposit and withdrawal.

We try out different bonuses and free bets on your behalf, so you can trust us when we recommend a great site. Similarly, we won’t recommend anything that doesn’t meet our standards - and as experienced gamblers ourselves, we have a fair idea of what you’re looking for.

We want to take the hassle out of finding somewhere to bet. Particularly with new, often unproven, betting sites, we move first to take the plunge. Our reviews and recommendations are based on personal experience with each of the bookmakers we’ve covered, so you can get the most detailed picture of where you should place your bets online.

Developments in New Betting Sites

As sports betting sites continuously innovate and evolve, a number of new opportunities present themselves in betting markets. As new sites launch, and more established names double down to secure their position, there’s never been a better time to be a punter. There are three key areas where we expect to see major advances in the coming years. 

The Perfection of Mobile betting. Without the development of mobile betting apps, innovations like live in-play betting and cash-outs would never have taken hold the way they have. Mobile betting is one of the key drivers of the industry. Yet, while there are some user-friendly apps out there, nothing has really drawn together the combined potential of in-play, cash-out and live streaming in a way that will wow punters. Could 2017 be the year we see the first really big mobile-first sportsbooks? One strong contender may be Bookee which has done away with the de facto list style sports book interface with a tinder style swipe selection on its app.

One only needs to look at the success of mobile-first casinos like Leo Vegas Casino to understand that there is vast untapped potential for any operator ready to take full advantage of the advanced technology of today’s smartphones. 

The Development of Social Betting. There’s an inherently social aspect to having a flutter that no online bookmaker has really captured yet. Where’s the eToro of the betting world? The social-trading platform has torn through the online financial trading space by allowing investors and speculators to copy one another’s trades and take advantage of the wisdom of crowds. Betfect is one company that’s making strides in this area. Describing itself as a social betting network, it allows punters to share, copy and discuss bets, and it already has deals agreed with some big names in online betting. This will be an area to watch in 2017. 

The Rise of eSports Markets. According to one mid-2016 study, eSports has a global audience of 226 million people, and a demographic that is 85% male. It’s no surprise, then, that this is seen as an area of huge potential by online betting sites. Expect to see betting markets offered for more games and tournaments by bookmakers old and new. Fast-rising betting site Betway, for instance, brands itself “the home of eSports”, and offers a dedicated eSports lobby and even in-play betting on the biggest matchups.

For many gamblers, new sportsbooks represent the best of both worlds. Playing with a newer name often means getting a better deal. With better odds available and some of the more generous promotions, it’s easy to get off on the right foot with a new provider. And as long as they are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, any one of our recommendations is a great option for punters who want value for money. 

Check out our sportsbook reviews for our latest recommendations, or to find out more about the free bets and promotions available from newer betting sites.

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