Cash in Store Bookies Limits & Locations

Bookmaker Min/Max Deposit Min/Max Withdrawal No of Locations
Betfair SportsBetfair£10 - £2500£1 - £1000613 (Via Paddy Shops)
Coral Sports ReviewCoral£5 - £5500£5 - £500891
Paddy Power ReviewPaddy Power£10 - £2500£1 - £1000613
Ladbrokes Sport ReviewLadbrokes£1 - N/A£5 - £10002700
William Hill reviewWilliam Hill£10 - £1000£10 - £7502300
Betfred SportsBetfred£10 - N/A£10 - £5001650
Betfair Sports
Min/max deposit: £10 - £2500
Min/max withdrawal: £1 - £1000
No of locations: 613 (Via Paddy Shops)
Coral Sports Review
Min/max deposit: £5 - £5500
Min/max withdrawal: £5 - £500
No of locations: 891
Paddy Power Review
Paddy Power
Min/max deposit: £10 - £2500
Min/max withdrawal: £1 - £1000
No of locations: 613
Ladbrokes Sport Review
Min/max deposit: £1 - N/A
Min/max withdrawal: £5 - £1000
No of locations: 2700
William Hill review
William Hill
Min/max deposit: £10 - £1000
Min/max withdrawal: £10 - £750
No of locations: 2300
Betfred Sports
Min/max deposit: £10 - N/A
Min/max withdrawal: £10 - £500
No of locations: 1650

Security Aspects and Online Cash Betting

Depositing and withdrawing in cash is probably the most secure option you’ve got, when it comes to moving money to and from your betting account. There’s no trust involved, like there is with an online payment, and literally no risk of your funds being misplaced. Present your account ID and cash card plus PIN when prompted, and it’s essentially like paying cash into your bank account – the counter assistant will immediately process the transaction, with no chance of your personal information falling into the wrong hands. With zero theft or hacking risk, online cash betting is as secure as possible, if not more secure than transacting online.

Cash In Store Betting & Fees

You usually won’t be charged any fees for in-store deposits or withdrawals. The only time fees would be levied is if you were making a deposit from a credit card – in some cases, credit card issuers deem betting deposits to be ‘cash’ transactions, and will charge a fee according to the terms and conditions of your credit card. However, it’s worth noting that the same fees would apply if you were using a credit card online, so there’s generally no fees disadvantage to cash deposits or withdrawals over the counter.

Bonuses & Promotions When Using Cash

Bonuses and promotions are available for those betting in cash, often tied to specific cash cards like The Grid and Coral Connect. These offer up bonuses like loyalty rewards, as well as giving you access to promotions in-store. It’s also often possible to claim online offers from depositing to your account in-store – be sure to ask the cashier if you can claim an associated bonus, or check the full terms and conditions ahead of time, to see whether cash deposits are valid for claiming that offer. When you sign up for one of these free cash cards, you’ll also likely receive special betting bonuses and promotions by email, specifically for use in-store and online, which can help you get maximum value from your cash in store deposits.

Cash Cards

Most of the leading high street bookmakers run a cash card scheme of some kind, where you can get access to your withdrawals as cash through a prepaid debit card. These are also used to link to your account ID, which makes it even quicker to run deposits and withdrawals in branch. The likes of the Coral Connect card link up all of your Coral gaming accounts into one place, so you can withdraw your winnings from Coral online betting as well as from Coral online poker, for example. There’re also cards like The Grid with Ladbrokes Sports, which has more of a membership/loyalty-card feel. You get in-store offers and promotions, as well as linking directly with your online balance.

These cards are usually free, and can be obtained online or in-store with a simple sign-up process. From there, they’re your key to cash in-store deposits, withdrawals and often a host of different benefits and promos.

Try Out Cash In Store Betting Today

Cash betting in store is simple, quick and secure – ideal if you’re in town and you’re looking to do some betting business. With the likes of Ladbrokes and their 2700 betting shops nationwide, you can deposit or withdraw in just a few moments, which is perfect if you happen to be passing one of their branches. Or there’s William Hill Sport, where the CashDirect voucher system means you can get your hands on your money with ease, based on your unique 19-digit PIN number.

With no fees in most cases, and a friendly face to guide you through the process, it’s no wonder an increasing number of punters are choosing cash deposits and withdrawals in store for handling their betting account banking.


The process varies slightly depending on the bookmaker, but it’s generally straightforward. Always take your cash card where applicable, plus some photographic ID with you. Also, be sure to note down your online account user ID, or your voucher code if you’re withdrawing from William Hill. Head to your local branded betting shop and tell the counter staff you want to make a withdrawal from your online account. They’ll be able to run the process for you in a couple of minutes, and provided you have all the info to hand, it’s a simple procedure.
In most cases, this is simply a case of walking in to a betting shop, telling the counter staff you want to deposit cash to your online account, and going through the motions. If you’ve got a payment card, bring it with you, along with your ID (plus voucher code, where applicable). Once you’ve handed over the cash you want to deposit, the cashier will update your betting account with a credit in the amount of your deposit, and you’re all set. The whole process should take no more than a couple of minutes to reflect in your account, so you can start betting directly from there.
Cash in store is not to be confused with cash out betting - despite their similar names, these are two very different things. Cash out betting is a feature that allows you to settle bets early for a guaranteed amount now, allowing you to control the risk of losing bets. Cash in store refers to transacting in cash over the counter at betting shops, for face-to-face deposits and withdrawals. It’s common to have access to both of these features at the same time - for example, with Betfair, you can cash out bets on your mobile, then head in-store to a Paddy Power branch for a cash withdrawal.
Cash in store betting is generally only available at those bookmakers that have a high street presence. If your bookmaker is online-only, chances are that you won’t be able to deposit in this way. The exception is where they have an arrangement with a chain of betting shops, such as Betfair, where you can transact in cash over the counter at Paddy Power shops across the country. This might change in future, and it’s possible that more online-only bookies will strike up deals with betting shops for handling cash transactions, but for the time being, you’ll find this tends to be restricted to high street bookmakers only.
Cash deposits and withdrawals are as close to instant as you can get. Obviously, there’s the time it takes to process your ID over the counter, but you’re talking a minute to five minutes maximum (if there’s a queue at the counter). Once you’ve handed over your cash or told the cashier of your withdrawal request, your funds will be with you directly - there’s no waiting period or processing time, other than the time it takes to handle your transaction over the counter.